Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome to EDM Fans, an output for me to post and review some of my favorite electronic music tracks and albums. I love all types of electronic music but for this blog, I will be focusing more on House, UK Garage, Grime & Dubstep, Electro, Experimental Electronic Music, and Ambient beats. 

As an introductory post, I think Jacques Greene's "Another Girl" is quite fitting:

Wow what can I say? This song is absolutely stunning and definitely ranks in one of Jacques' finest productions. Ever since this rip floated on youtube and the blogosphere, I've been anxiously awaiting the digital release due out at the end of the month. I love that Jacques has the ability weave Ciara vocals into a song that not only gets you moving, but it absolutely soulful in every respect. First impression I thought it sounded remotely similar to a Four Tet production and maybe a little bit of Burial but much less dreary. Here's a soundcloud preview of Mr. Greene's next EP; I do very much prefer the intro in the soundcloud preview version compared to the one in the full release:

LM008 - JACQUES GREENE - ANOTHER GIRL by LuckyMe Music.Art.Parties

If you liked what you just heard, stay tuned! I'll share more awesome and extremely tasteful electronic music very soon.


  1. nice blog! i don't listen to to much electro house so hopefully this blog will broaden my musical horizons

  2. can't wait for more articles & such!